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In this month’s blog, we interview one of our students - David - who also trains here at SJJA with his son. We ask him all about the benefits jiu jitsu has had on himself and his child, why it’s so beneficial for families to train jiu jitsu together, and advice for parents who are thinking of joining in on the fun with their kids.  Tell us about the commencement of

Hi everyone, it’s Bruno here! In this month’s blog, we’re deep diving into all things hygiene-related when it comes to training jiu jitsu. Every gym is different, but for SJJA, we’ve added below a guide on all the things you should do before, during and after training to maximise your hygiene and keep both you and your training partners safe from infection and the spread of any diseases/viruses, or other

Hi everyone, it’s Bruno here! In this month’s blog, we’re deep diving into all the common practices and (sometimes) unspoken rules inside a jiu jitsu gym. Every gym is different, but for SJJA, I’ve added below what I hope will be a helpful guide on all of the rules and best practices for our gym, including: the things you should and shouldn’t do on the mats, food for thought when

in this month's blog, we interviewed one of sjja's newest brown belts - mo, on his personal fitness journey and why he thinks bjj is great for weight loss, keeping fit, and creating a long-term healthy lifestyle. tell us a little bit about you. My name is Mo/Mohess - I work as a software engineer at a health company. My hobbies include playing video games competitively, building random gadgets, programming, hanging out

In this month’s blog, we interviewed some of SJJA’s female students and instructors to hear all about their jiu jitsu journey to date, how jiu jitsu has benefited them, and why they think it’s such an amazing sport for girls and women.  Our Interviewees: Marcinha (Black Belt): Marcinha is a 3rd-degree black belt professor, and SJJA’s first female black belt instructor!   Daini (Brown Belt): Daini is a corporate manager, who works in the

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